Nouvelle bande annonce, new trailer

B.A.- TOMORROW – TRAILER 2014 from Martine Doyen on Vimeo.

Keep calm and enjoy TOMORROW
It’s free
We are not in a hurry
We are not stressed
Tomorrow will still be there tomorrow
Perhaps Forever…

TOMORROW (Belgium 2014), 70′ HDV color from Martine Doyen on Vimeo.

In order to cure their respective procrastination, a film director, an actor and a musician, go on a pilgrimage to Tunisia to see the cave settings in Matmata where George Lucas shot several scenes of « Star Wars ». As they arrive, they look for an anti-procrastination ritual which would help them to finally get back into action…
This is alternative cinema: poor but free. TOMORROW has been shot with a very small camera, a computer and very limited resources. This means no technical crew, just me and the actors… TOMORROW could not have been made differently; its creation process, very open and based on improvisation in every level, was incompatible with the ways of film industry.

Vous êtes programmateur? Propriétaire ou gérant d’un lieu original public ou privé ou le film pourrait être projeté?
Ecrivez à cette adresse : spinach.prod@gmail.com

Les projections peuvent s’accompagner d’un concert de QUIET STARS si le coeur vous en dit.


TOMORROW/Action! from Martine Doyen on Vimeo.

TOMORROW/ BONUS – Tunisia I Love You from Martine Doyen on Vimeo.

TOMORROW – Sleep good! from Martine Doyen on Vimeo.